Webinar registration

Convert more site visitors with a registration form that you can easily track and glean insights from for future follow-up.

Simplify your workflows

Give new site visitors the content they’re looking for while collecting the lead information you need to reach new audiences. Use this webinar registration form to sign up registrants directly from your website or blog. Then, send automatic confirmation emails to follow up with them after the event using the data and insights you’ve gathered.

Plug in your business systems

Webinars are one of the top ways businesses can capture new leads. Automate your data collection with Formstack’s 200+ integrations by sending new insights back to your CRM or marketing automation systems for seamless data flow.

Confirm registration through email

Immediately trigger a confirmation email to new registrants after they complete the webinar registration form template. Need to change the event time or notify team members of a problem? Easily send them notifications without manual work to keep everyone informed.

Convert more new leads

Do more than just gain a new business contact. Turn prospects into customers with the optimization tools in Formstack’s Conversion Kit add-on, including UTM Tracking, Google Analytics, A/B Testing, and other smart features that lead to powerful business results.

Send data to the right team

The webinar content and lead generation process may belong to marketing, but it’s up to sales to work their magic. Use Data Routing to make sure everyone has accurate webinar registration form data for lead follow-up and converting new customers.

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