Event Evaluation Form

Evaluate the success of your event quickly and easily with this event satisfaction survey template.

Simplify your workflows

A lot of work goes into hosting a successful event. From picking the date and location to creating the run of show and handling logistics, there's a lot of time, energy, and money involved in event planning. What if you could read people's minds, and deliver exactly what they wanted? With this event evaluation template, you can do just that! Use this survey to discover insights that will help you plan future events. Get a better understanding of what event attendees thought about the food, venue, presentations, and more with this event evaluation survey.

Build surveys in minutes

Formstack's intuitive drag-and-drop builder makes it incredibly easy to build any type of event feedback form or survey you need to make your event successful. From event registration forms and vendor agreements to pre-event and post-event surveys, Formstack's library of nearly 300 templates gives you the power to streamline many of the processes and steps that factor into planning, hosting, and evaluating events.

Create exceptional experiences

Providing the best experience to event attendees doesn't stop when they walk out the venue door. Continue impressing your guests by providing them with a sleek event evaluation survey that matches the look and feel of your event. This event evaluation template is easy to customize and takes only minutes to complete. Section breaks are included to ensure your survey takers are not overwhelmed by too many questions on one page.

Gather submissions from any device

Fuel your evaluations by collecting as much data from your event evaluation form as possible. With Formstack's mobile-friendly surveys, your audience can take this event evaluation survey from the device that is most convenient for them, whether that's a computer, laptop, or phone. Consider using a tablet and the Formstack Go app to collect event feedback on the spot at the end of your event.

Easily analyze data

Use Formstack's reporting tools to build custom visual reports in just a few clicks. Powerful reporting tools let you share presentation-ready data with managers and other team members through clean visuals. The platform analytics dashboard also reveals the top referral sites for each form so you can optimize winning pages. Use these analytics to improve conversions for event registration forms.

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