Cancellation Policy Template

Ensure patients understand your appointment policies and procedures.

Simplify your workflows

With a staff to pay and a plethora of patients to see, missed appointments can be costly for your hospital or practice. Avoid mishaps and ensure patients understand your policies upfront by having them fill out this appointment cancellation policy template during patient onboarding. The form is completely customizable so you can add your policy info and tweak it to meet the needs of your organization.

Get organized

Grouping this cancellation policy example with other patient onboarding forms will help you collect the information you need faster and get patients off on the right foot. Use the Portals tool to bundle your forms together, track completion status, and send email reminders to patients that are lagging behind in their onboarding.

Protect your data

Keeping security top of mind is critical when digitizing your healthcare workflows. Exceed compliance standards with Formstack's HIPAA compliant solution. Easy-to-use tools let you encrypt patient data, control who views sensitive information, and track user activity. Dedicated security maintenance is also included to ensure maximum protection.

Collect signatures

Tired of sifting through piles of paperwork or bloated filing cabinets to find patient signatures? Formstack's appointment cancellation policy template comes equipped with an eSignature field so you can digitally collect signatures and store them in your online database for future reference. Additional signature fields can be added as necessary.

Stay connected

Connect your form to one of our healthcare integrations for easy data exchange and storage. You can send completed policy agreements to your org's CRM, store them in your favorite cloud app, and much more. You'll save your team valuable time and won't have to worry about paperwork getting misplaced on someone's desk or lost in long email threads.

Using Formstack reduces failure when bringing in new patients. It increases efficiency and cuts down on data entry for both patients and staff.
Dr. Chris Bojrab
President of Indiana Health Group

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