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Maximize online student engagement

Use paperless workflows to connect with students and manage course evaluations, surveys, and more.

Create lasting connections

Students want quick, hassle-free communication and mobile-friendly experiences. Formstack can help you digitize processes across campus so you can meet expectations and better connect with students throughout their higher ed journey.

Improve student engagement

Enhance efficiency across departments and better meet student needs with workflows powered by digital forms, documents, and signatures.
Easy data collection
Easy data collection

Collect data for financial aid, course evaluations, events, and more with beautifully designed forms and surveys.

Streamlined document creation
Streamlined document creation

Use the data you collect to automatically generate custom applications, letters, tickets, and other student documents.

Fast eSignature capture
Fast eSignature capture

Let students and staff review and sign forms and documents from the convenience of their phone, tablet, or computer.

Easy data collection
Seamless automation

Easily collaborate on submissions, feedback, and approvals with staff members and departments across campus.

Smart data insights
Smart data insights

View and filter form submissions to unlock useful insights on students, and share your findings in beautiful visual reports.

Robust data security
Robust data security

Protect the information students share with you via powerful security features, including data encryption, SSL, and several types of compliance.

Create a seamless student feedback for teachers workflow in minutes

With Formstack, you can improve student engagement and create digital workflows in minutes without needing to depend on your campus IT team.

Sara receives an email in her student inbox that contains a link to an evaluation form for her literature course. She uses the rating scales and description fields to provide feedback on the course itself and her professor.


Lucy works in the College of Liberal Arts and is responsible for reviewing student evaluations of college professors and courses. She receives Sara's evaluation, adds her own comments, and submits her step of the form.


A PDF that includes Sara and Lucy’s feedback is automatically generated and sent to the professor for review. After he reviews the PDF, he signs the document to acknowledge that he has received and accepted the feedback.


A copy of the signed PDF is sent to the professor for his records and is also stored in the College of Liberal Art’s database for future reference.


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