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Create seamless digital experiences that keep alumni connected and engaged with your university.

Improve alumni relations

85% of alumni professionals don't think their colleges are doing enough to keep them invested. If you're seeing low engagement numbers, Formstack's alumni engagement tools can help you stay connected with digital workflows driven by online forms, documents, and signatures.

Easily connect with alumni

Use alumni data automation to simplify workflows, elevate alumni engagement, and improve the success of key initiatives.
Seamless data capture
Seamless data capture

Use beautifully designed forms and surveys to keep alumni records updated and collect feedback on your programs.

Streamlined document creation
Streamlined document creation

Easily transform alumni data into personalized program applications, event tickets, letters, and other documents.

Quick eSignature collection
Quick eSignature collection

Let alumni sign important documents digitally from the comfort of their mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Seamless data capture
Easy workflow automation

Quickly share, manage, and collaborate on submissions for alumni events, programs, and other initiatives with our alumni data automation tools.

Smart data insights
Smart data insights

View and filter form submissions to unlock insights on alumni, and share findings with your team in beautiful visual reports.

Powerful data security
Powerful data security

Protect alumni data with robust security features, including data encryption, SSL, and several types of compliance.

Set up seamless workflows in minutes

Formstack makes it easy to digitize any process. Quickly create workflows that save time for your team and improve alumni engagement.

A staff member creates an event registration form and shares it on their university’s website to sell tickets, fill the guest list, and handle the logistics of event capacity. Event Fields help to ensure that registration is automatically closed if the event reaches capacity.


Data from the form is used to automatically generate custom tickets, which are emailed to each attendee. The data is also used to create other documentation that is sent to the alumni for their review and signature. Copies of these documents are sent to the university’s database for future reference.


A quick mobile form is set up that alumni can access from their phones so they can submit donations or complete quizzes and surveys during the event. Formstack Go is used as a safeguard to ensure that data can be collected from attendees even if the internet connection is spotty.


To find ways to improve future alumni events, a feedback survey is created and scheduled to go out the day after the event to collect thoughts from alumni while everything is still fresh on their minds.


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